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Bliss Chocolate Cakes is local to Melbourne Australia.

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Bliss Chocolate Cake

Cumquat Fantasy

Oh it smells so good!
Fresh cumquats off the tree, 6x flourless chocolate and cumquat, single bundts. Drizzled with a whisky spiked syrup and finished with fresh cumquats.
***Available until my tree runs out of cumquats!
*Gluten free

Bliss Chocolate Cake

White Christmas

White Christmas- Smooth, white chocolate pound cake. Just a hint of spice to remind you that it's a Christmas cake, and dotted with dried cranberries for a sweet/sour flavour kick as a respectful nod to the dried fruit tradition. Thickly draped in a lemon and cinnamon icing, topped with a sprinkle of dried cranberries, sugar and a sprig of rosemary


Bliss Chocolate Cake


The ultimate, signature cake! A rich, fudgey centre makes ‘Bliss’ the perfect after dinner dessert. Serve with strong coffee to compliment the overtones of brandy and almonds in this gooey, extravagant, indulgence.
*Available gluten free

Kiss Chocolate Cake


A light and smooth fudge cake. Smothered in smooth chocolate ganache and generously topped with roasted hazelnuts. It sweetly entices with its alluring coffee aroma. This is a cake to serve anytime for a laid back treat!
*Cointreau spiked available for extra $5
Available gluten free

Celebration Chocolate Cake


A deceptively indulgent, grown up party cake! Four layers of bittersweet, 100% Dutch cocoa, melt in the mouth fudge cake. Layered and fully frosted with a full block of white chocolate, melted into a smooth and silky Italian meringue, buttercream. Surrounded with chopped 35% couverture chocolate. A treat the whole family can enjoy!

Celebrate White Cake

White Celebrate

Four layers of a light, white chocolate, cake frosted with white chocolate, Italian meringue buttercream and dotted with chopped white chocolate all around, is a white chocolate lover's dream!

Rose Celebrate Cake

Rose Celebrate

A special rose essence 'Celebrate'. 4 layers of light, fudgey chocolate cake. Frosted with rose essence, white chocolate, Italian meringue buttercream.Layered with same buttercream and crushed pistachios and turkish delight. Lovingly topped with crystallized rose petals and pistachios, pretty and sweet in looks and taste!

Irish Cream Celebrate

Irish Cream Celebrate

Four layers of fudgey chocolate cake, fully frosted with white chocolate Italian meringue buttercream, made to the recipe of Irish cream with premium 'Blackbush' Irish whiskey. Layered with more Bailey's inspired buttercream, blackberries and toasted almonds. All topped with home made, 'Irish' butter toffee and toasted almonds....heavenly!

Mississsipi Mud Cake

Mississsipi Mud

This is how I do mud! My mud looks, tastes, and feels like it is made from molten chocolate. Slide into every mouthful with a very generous swig of Irish whiskey. Drape that mud puddle in 35% couverture chocolate ganache and top with fresh strawberries.
*alcohol optional

Trinity Cupcake - chocolate on chocolate on chocolate!

Trinity Cupcakes

24 cupcakes $60.00

Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate, fun to say, fun to eat! My famous light, but incredibly rich, chocolate cupcake, a delicious white choc and choc swirled buttercream, then, just when you think there is enough chocolate, grated chocolate sprinkled on top! Gold cups and gold sparkles make a gleaming treat for kids big and small.

Chocolat Royale


10 cupcakes $50.00

Flourless Choc Orange Cakelets- The heart and soul of an entire orange, blended into a crunchy, almond based cake. Dense, dark cocoa flavour, topped with a light whipped, orange, butter cream and fine slivers of fresh orange zest.
No butter, oil or gluten, in the cake. A chocolate lovers fantasy!
10 individual serves.
*gluten free

Chocolate Royale


12 cupcakes $45.00

Liquid centred, individual, chocolate lava cakes. Molten chocolate oozes out of every little cakelet!
Each 'Royale' lava cakelet is presented in a gold foil and topped with freshly whipped cream, dotted with seeds of a vanilla pod and topped with a little, hand tempered, Callebaut chocolate tag. Ooh la la, pure chocolate love.

Chocolat Royale

Mint Royale

12 cupcakes $45.00

After dinner mints have never been so sexy! All the best of my liquid centred chocolat lava cakes but with a kick of Creme de menthe. Just enough of a lingering minty aftertaste to make you want more. Highly recommended with a good coffee!

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